Terms of Agreement

a. Homeowner(s): Homeowner of Tuliphouse, Vancouver, Canada: Andrew and/or Dagmar Rinkhy

b. Guest(s): Person(s) renting the suite in the Tuliphouse, Vancouver, Canada

c. Suite: The rental suite and surrounding property at 3368 Point Grey Road, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

1. The Guests agree to abide by the rental rules at all times while at the property and shall cause all members of the rental party and anyone else  the Guests permit on the property to abide by the following rules at all times while at the property.

2. The Owners are not responsible for any accidents, injuries or illness that occurs while on the premises or its facilities. The Owners are not  responsible for the loss of personal belongings or valuables of the Guest. By accepting this reservation, it is agreed that all Guests are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from their use of the premises or others whom they invite to use the premise. Guests should purchase their own insurance if such insurance is desired.

3. People other than those in the Guest party as outlined in the Final Confirmation may not stay overnight in the property. Any other person in the property is the sole responsibility of Guest.

 4 . The Guests shall behave in a civilized manner respecting the rights of surrounding property Owners. Creating noise likely to disturb or annoy the surrounding property Owners shall be grounds for immediate termination of this agreement and Guests shall then immediately vacate premises.  Quiet hours are from 10 pm through 7 am.

5. Length of stay:  If a Guest wishes to shorten their stay there shall be no refund. The Owners’ approval is needed for a Guest to lengthen their stay and appropriate charges will be payable.  

6. The Guests expressly acknowledge and agree that this Agreement is for transient occupancy of the Property, and that Guests do not intend to make the property a residence or household.

7. The Guests shall not sublet the property.

8. Smoking is allowed outside only.

9. Pets are NOT allowed.

10. We infequently, yet occasionally experience utility outages that are beyond our control. We report outages as each occurs.  No refunds or compensation will be given for any outages.

11. The Guests shall keep the property and all furnishings in good order.

12. The Guests shall only use appliances for their intended uses. 

13. Access:  The Guests shall allow Homeowner access to the property for purposes of repair and inspection.  Homeowner shall exercise this right of access in a reasonable manner. 

14.  The Guests agree to pay all reasonable costs, attorney’s fees and expenses that shall be made or incurred by the Homeowner enforcing this agreement.

15. Cancellation Policy: Full refund of the deposit up to 30 days before arrival. Less than 30 days before arrival there is no refund.

16. Housekeeping:  There is no daily housekeeping service. While linens and bath towels are included in the unit, daily maid service is not included in the rental rate. If your visit exceeds a week, we will wash towels and linens that you place in a basket and put on our back patio.   

17. Fireplace: The fireplace is an open gas fireplace. The fireplace is turned off from June to October; it is not operational during this time of the year.  (As a safety precaution, when we have small children as Guests, we always turn the fireplace off. There are 2 reasons for this. When the gas is on, the pilot light is always on. It may entice a small child to try to touch the flame. Also, since the fireplace is open, a child might fall into the fireplace.

18. The Guests are advised that the property contains a gas stove and cook top, as well as a gas fireplace, and will seek help from the Homeowner if the proper operation of such items is not fully understood.

19. The property has a fire extinguisher installed in the kitchen.  The Guests agree to use the fire extinguisher only for true emergencies.

20. The property has fire alarms installed and they are believed to function properly at the time of rental. The Guests will notify the Homeowner without delay if a fire alarm “chirps” or has a low battery condition.

21. The Guests shall see to their own security while in the property by locking doors, windows, etc. when it is prudent to do so.

22. Valuable items left behind by tenant will be held for the tenant and every reasonable effort will be made to contact the tenant for return. If items are not claimed for longer than 6 months they shall become the property of the Homeowner. The  Homeowner shall not be held liable for condition of said items.

23. Cable TV is provided and service level has been chosen by the Homeowner. No refund of rents shall be given for outages, content, lack of content, or personal preferences with regard to cable TV service.

24. High speed wireless internet is provided as a convenience only and is not integral to the agreement. No refund of rents shall be given for outages, content, lack of content, speed, access problems, lack of knowledge of use, or personal preferences with regard to internet service.  

25. The Homeowner is not liable for damages arising from a cancellation of the reservation due to exceptional circumstances, i.e. water damage or fire damage to the suite. However, a full refund of the unused portion of the payment would be refunded according to the Guests’ days lost.

26. The above points (1-25) are an attempt to cover issues of liability and to provide a framework for Guest and Homeowner behaviour regarding the rental of the suite. They do not necessarily cover all terms of agreement nor do they represent the law of the land in its full capacity.